Yellow Mustard Powder

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The yellow mustard powder mix essentially contains the favors of Bengal. The powder manufactured under specialized supervision and no preservatives or chemical food color is used in the making. The product is is packed and regulated under FSSAI guidelines. The yellow mustard powder if mixed with water can be used directly. Available in 100gm packet.

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The Yellow Mustard powder is one of the many variants of mustard that is very popular in Bengali cuisine. Unlike its other counter part, the yellow mustard is more commonly used in the local food recipes and  has a mild taste and favor. Made actually from white mustard seeds, the addition of turmeric gives the distinct yellow color. The yellow mustard seed powder can be used as a condiment in a variety of dishes. The mustard powder in general doesn’t have any medicinal values, but addition of  water to it initiates an enzymatic process that enhances its pungency ad hear. The yellow mustard powder is also used to make the famous American yellow mustard. Thus, the Yellow mustard is one of the most widely grown type of mustard seed that has the mildest flavor and is used in both local and international food platter.