TIN ROSSOGOLLA by Balaram Mullick

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White Rosogolla Tin 1 (20 Pcs)

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Established in 1885 Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is a sweet shop which is a class apart from other Bengali sweet shops in the city in its approach to sweet making.

Ganesh Chandra Mullick came over from Konnagar in Hooghly district to Calcutta around the year 1880 at the age of twenty. Having discovered a knack for sweet making very early in life, he came over to capital city to try out greener pastures and took up a job in a sweet in North Calcutta as a karigar (worker).Towards the termination of three years into that service, Ganesh Chandra Mullick made up his mind to have a sweet shop of his own. He took 450 square feet of land from the famous and wealthy Harlalkar family of Bengal on rent in Bhawanipore to start a hutment in which he would make and sell sweets. His decision to start a shop in Bhawanipore was a very business savvy one. North Calcutta was overcrowded as far as sweet shops were concerned. He wanted to start a sweet shop in an area where there was a scarcity of such shop and thereby, there would be less competition. Bhawanipore was such an area in those days- just developing, just expanding and full of trees and forest waiting to be cleared.

Proudly serving traditional and authentic sweets since 1885. From delicious Bengali Misti Doi to tasty Chinese singara, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick offers a wide variety sweets and snacks to delight you. If you try their sweets once , then you will never forget taste of special Nalen Gur Rossogolla, Baked Rossogolla abnd many more. So, why to wait? Order now!