Sona Moong Bori

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Sona Moong Bori is a typical Bengali bori variant which has moong dal, salt and oil as its main ingredients. They are 100% chemical free, no preservative, natural and high quality finest grade dal bori which is freshly produced and packed originally in order to the authenticity of flavor. This bori is also pear shared like other kinds of Boris Available in 300 gm Jar.

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Sona Moong Bori is very famous and typical Bengali food ingredient. The moong dal is known as “Bengal gram” and is one of the important ingredients in every Bengali household. This bori is traditionally prepared in a kitchen style setting in our state of West Bengal. The moong dal is rich in vitamin, has huge dietary fibred content and low glycemic index. It is easily digestible and has no adulterants making it fit for regular consumption. It also takes less time to cook and the moong dal content in bori makes it an ideal choice among diabetics for consumption. The moong bori should be stored as it has a long shelf life when stored in an airtight container.