SolKadi (Kokum Sol)

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Solkadi is an Indian appetizer that originates from the Konkan coast of Goa and Maharashtra. It is usually eaten along with meals or after a dessert. Solkadi is made from coconut milk and Kokum or Amsol fruit known as Garcinia Indica. It has a deep purple-pink complexion and is rich in antioxidants, anticarcinogenic and  anti-ageing properties. The fruit is known for being a refreshing, cooling, digestive-aiding and cleansing summer fruit which is deseeded and extracted to be mixed with salt and then sun dried. The deep pink extract is called as Agal and is used to marinate fish, meats etc. and is mixed with cumin, sugar and water. Available in 500gm packet.

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Solkadi a regional and famous summer drink from the state of Maharashtra and Goa is prepared from the liquid extract of fresh coconut more popularly known as coconut milk, the extract is then mixed with the Agal or kokum, salt, mustard seeds and optionally with chili garlic paste for enhancing its taste and probiotic properties. A typical summer drink, the kokum in Solkadi helps in regulating the body temperature and helps the body to stay hydrated. Kokum is used as a souring agent and is an important part of Gujarati, Maharashtrian and Kerala. Kokum juice helps to get rid of the heat in the body and in reducing the “Pitta dosha” according to Ayurveda. It is an excellent remedy for reducing summer rashes and itches developed in the body. The kokum is soaked in water for half an hour and strained and squeezed completely to prepare an extract with water and coconut milk. Maharashtra and Goa is known for for their rich spicy food cuisine and Solkadi acts as a perfect balancing agent to it. The drink helps in cooling down the digestive system after a spicy meal. The ingredients used in the  drink are all obtained naturally and no preservatives or color has been added to it