Puja Samagri in a Box

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Stop worrying for small but important items for Puja, Now get all puja samagri in a Box from us. Click on image for item details.

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‘Puja’ is defined as “purnaat jayate iti puja”, which means ‘that which is born (jayate – ja) out of fullness (purnaat – pu)’. So puja means the spontaneous happening which is born out of the fullness and contentment.
Puja is an innocent playful process reciprocating the supreme love of nature. The state of mind with which the puja is performed, the material (samagri) used and the chanting of mantras during the puja, have a profound effect on the environment and people attending the puja. The vibrations purify the environment and have calming effect on the people’s mind. Puja can be well compared to meditation or yoga. The experience of oneness of the worshipper with the worshipped is realization of the true nature of the Self.