Prakash Tea Masala

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The Prakash Spices Tea Masala is prepared by packing black pepper, cardamom, mace, dry ginger, cloves, cassia and nutmeg. The masala packet is made entirely of natural spice ingredients, which in compliance with ISO 22000:2005 requirements. The masala is naturally powdered and sold in 50 and 100 gram packets. Available in 100gm packet.

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To prepare Masala tea, boil water and tea leaves or bags. Add the required quantity of milk, Prakash Spices Tea Masala (one pinch for every cup of tea) and let it warm for five minutes and stir well. When the tea is ready, filter the leaves if necessary and serve hot with cookies or other snacks. In the making of the Prakash Tea Masala no artificial colors or preservatives are used. The tea masala needs to stored in air tight container, with no moisture to retain its health quotient. The Prakash Tea Masala makes the normal tea more tasty and is ultimate stop for all tea lovers’.