Prakash Spices Chicken Curry Masala

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Prakash Spices Chicken Curry Masala is made up of ginger, green chili, garlic, onion, eliche, turmeric, haldi, jeera, dhania, tejpatta, dalchini and laung where the ingredients are finely powdered and well mixed with fact with malic acid, rose petals and salt. It is fully vegetarian and ISO 22000:2005 HACCP certified in which the ingredients are naturally made and packed in the form of 50 gram packets as a complete spice mix. Available in 50gm packet.

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From the spice mix, the curry is prepared by sautéing or frying onions, garlic and ginger in a pan with oil and later added with tomato or its puree. The chicken curry masala is added along with salt to the spices for it to cook well and then chicken pieces are added to the masala. The water is added so as to mix the masala well with chicken, well covered with a lid and cooked enough until it turns golden brown. Finally it is garnished with chopped coriander and served. The Prakash Spices Chicken Curry Masala is one step solution for preparing authentic chicken curry.