Prakash Snacks Seasoning

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The Prakash Snacks seasoning is FSSAI certified product and is a made of natural ingredients. The product does not contain any preservatives or additives. No taste enhancer has been used in the making of the product. The he Prakash Snacks seasoning can be used a dressing for multiple food items both local and international. Available in 80gm packet.

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The Prakash Snacks seasoning is a perfect blend and mixture of -red chili, asafetida, salt, mint, black salt, chat masala, sugar, lemon powder, acidity regulator (E296). The seasoning can be used as dressing for a variety of snacks and dressing. The Prakash Snacks seasoning enhances the taste and the favor of the dish. It adds tangy, sweet and salty favor to the food. The snacks seasoning blends perfectly with both local fast foods and international dishes. The snacks seasoning could be an ideal replacement to the local splices and be used in the sandwich or salad dressings.