Prakash Rai Powder

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In the making of Prakash Rai Powder no chemical ingredients or preservatives are used. Prakash Rai Powder is made from hygienically grinding handpicked premium quality rai seeds which retain their natural, healthy and healing properties and impart the perfect flavor, color and aroma to your dishes. The Prakash Rai Powder is manufactured following all health protocols and is FSSAI certificate. Available in 250gm packet.

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The Prakash Rai Powder is a very popular condiment for various dishes like pickles and chutney, salad dressing and meat flavoring due to its pungent flavor. It is also used in making mustard paste by simply adding water. May be used as an ingredient in mayonnaise, vinaigrette, barbecue sauce, etc. Brown mustard seeds are more popularly called as Rai in Hindi, brown mustard seeds are the fruit pods got from the mustard plant belonging to the Brassica family. Though brown mustard is native to Asia Minor, they are also cultivated as a commercial crop across countries like Canada, China, India and some regions of Europe. Very widely used in cooking, mustard seeds have numerous health benefits. Brown mustard is available in stores in several forms including whole seeds, powder, sauces and pastes.