Prakash Poha Masala

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The Poha masala is made from dry mango, turmeric, rock salt, black salt, common salt, red chili, black pepper, cumin,  cardamom, clove, bay leaves and asafetida. The masala container packets are made with natural spice ingredients and are compliant with ISO 22000:2005. There are no additives or artificial additives in the 50 gramme packets, which are made of finely ground and powdered masala. Available in 50gm packet.

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The Prakash Poha Masala is made up of all natural ingredients. The product is FSSAI certified. A good amount of poha is soaked in a bowl. Cut a combination of vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, potatoes, ginger and green chili into a good number of small pieces. In a skillet, heat a good amount of mustard or cumin in oil and then add it with peas, vegetables, salt and the Prakash Spices Poha Masala, The entire mixture is cooked until the vegetables are made soft. Add the pre-soaked poha and mix it thoroughly with lemon juice. As a topping, add well chopped leaves of coriander and grated coconut pieces.