Prakash Panchphoran

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Panchphoran as the name suggest is a perfect blend of 5 different spices that consists of- cumin seeds,  mustard seeds, fennel seeds, nigella seeds and fenugreek seeds. Panchphoran unlike other spice is always used whole and never ground. The spice mix is pure vegetarian and is used mainly in  in vegetable stir-fries, lentils, fish recipe and pickles. Panchphoran is usually added in oil or ghee before adding anything to the pot, flavoring the oil and releasing the aroma of the seeds and causing them to pop in the pan. The Panchphoran adds taste and at the same time adds the nutritional quotient. Available in 250gm packet.

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Panch phoron or Pancha Phutana is a whole spice blend, originating from the Eastern India, mainly in the Odisha, Bengal, Bihar and Northeast India region and used especially in the cuisine of Odisha, West Bengal, Mithila region of India and Nepal, Northeastern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The name literally means “five spices” Bangla. The Prakash Panchphoran is devoid of any preservatives and color. It is ensured that the spices that are used do not contain any chemical preservatives and  this 5 spice mixture is one of the essential spice blends used in Bengali cuisine. There are many Bengali recipes in which panch phoron is used. The tampering of  Panchphoran in oil or ghee  releases strong aroma and flavors in the oil which further enhances the taste and favors of the food that is being cooked. The product is packed following all the protocols that are mandated by FSSAI.