Prakash Methi Seeds

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Methi Seeds or fenugreek seeds are known for their strong aroma and flavor. A premium quality of methi seeds will be bitter  in taste, but will initially lose their bitterness if lightly roasted. A packet of Prakash methi seeds are adequately  rich in vitamins such as- thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin A, B6 and C. Methi seeds are a rich storehouse of many minerals. Methi helps to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and reduce diabetes, protects from cancer and aids digestion. Hence, methi seeds not only enhances the taste of the food that is prepared but at the same time adds nutritional values to health. Available in 250gm packet.

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Methi seeds for years have been used in  Chinese medicine to treat skin conditions and many other diseases. Fenugreek seeds or methi seed is a  common household spice  that is used a thickening agent. Not only in food but methi can be found in products such as soap and shampoo. A very common whole spice, methi seeds is used in Indian dishes for their nutritional profile and slightly sweet, nutty taste. The Prakash methi seeds is a 100% natural product and do not contain any preservatives and colors. The methi seeds are treated and processed following a strict health protocol that has been issued by FSSAI. One tablespoon (11.1 grams) of whole fenugreek seeds contains 35 calories and several nutrient. Nutrition like – fiber, magnesium, magnesium, iron, fat, carbs and proteins are found in abundance in methi seeds.