Prakash Khatti Meethi Imli Chutney

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Prakash Imli Chutney consists of a mixture of green chilly, tamarind powder, chili, ginger powder, common salt, black salt, chat masala and malic acid. The masala container packets are made from natural spice ingredients that meet ISO 22000:2005 requirements. 100 gram packets are made with finely grounded and powdered masala with no pesticides and artificial additives.  Available in 100gm paicket

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In a pan, boil an approximate amount of 150 ml water, 250 grams of sugar and Prakash Khatti Meethi Imli Chutney Masala. Cook the mixture for a good amount of 5 to 10 minutes in order to acquire the desired level of consistency. The mixture should then be allowed to cool down and stored in the fridge in order to prevent wastage and promote a longer shelf life. The chutney is well savored with Samosa, Kachori, Bread Pakora, Potato chop, Alu Paratha, Dahi Wada and Childa. The Prakash Khatti Meethi Imli Chutney contains no preservatives or color. Also, no artificial sweeteners are used in the making. The Prakash Khatti Meethi Imli Chutney is a 100% natural product.