Prakash Kasuri Methi

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Prakash Kasuri Methi is of premium quality. Methi leaves in Indian cooking are often used as a substitute of coriander leaves. The masala packets are made up of natural spice ingredients, completely vegetarian and made with no added preservative or artificial flavoring. All these considerations are as per the ISO 22000:2005 specifications., finely made and packed in 25 gram packets.  Available in 25gm packet.

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Kasuri Methi is hygienically graded with high quality and packed and comes from Nagaur (Rajasthan). There is no form of artificial color added to it. Kasuri Methi can be used to improve the taste and flavor of vegetables, dal, kadhi and pakora. It can also be used as an additive to make delicious chapatis, parathas, and potato chapattis. Kasuri methi has strong antioxidants, contributes bone health, good for the digestive system, cures mouth ulcers, stimulates breast milk production, good for the heart and prevents anemia. In the making of Prakash Kasuri Methi no colors of preservatives are used. The methi leaves are handpicked and it is 100% natural.