Prakash Kashmiri Mircha

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Prakash Spices Kashmiri Mircha is is made up of authentic chili mixed with 2% edible oil. The masala packets are made up of natural spice ingredients that meet ISO 22000:2005 specifications. It has been hygienically grounded and packed in a scientific manner to keep its taste and color.  Available in 100gm packet.

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The standards adhered makes it preservative free and free of unwanted additives for artificial flavoring. The masala is ground finely and packaged in 50 and 100 gram packs. Red chilli is prized for its high consistency, which is sourced from India’s best chilli markets. It is a rich source of vitamin C which is essential for the organs, skin, bones and blood vessel functioning. The spice provides the right amount of qualitative anti-oxidants which keeps the health protected. The vitamin A in Kashmiri Mircha is essential for hair, skin eye and nail health. The Prakash Kashmiri Mircha is known for its authentic flavors and taste. In the making of the product the no colors, or preservatives are used. The product is 100% natural.