Prakash Kashmiri Alundum Masala

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Prakash Kashmiri Alundum Masala is prepared by mixing turmeric, coriander, asafetida, red chili, clove, dry mango powder, mace, cinnamon, cassia, cumin, dry ginger powder, nutmeg,  black salt, black cardamom, tomato powder, tamarind, kasuri methi, green chili, and acidity regulator (E296). The masala mixture is made from natural ingredients and adheres to HACCP guidelines set out by ISO 22000:2005. To make the gravy, the blend mixture is powdered and packed in 50 and 100 gram packs. Available in 100gm packet.

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For a duration of 15 to 20 minutes, soak the Prakash Spices Kashmiri Alu Dum Masala in water. Cook the cumin seeds and pre-soaked masala mixture in hot oil for a period of 5 minutes. After letting it sit in medium flame for 5 minutes, add tomato paste, green chilli and ginger. Fried or boiled potatoes are added to the mixture and seasoned with salt to taste. It is further allowed to sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and served with sliced coriander leaves as a garnish. As an alternative, paste made from raisins, garlic, cashew, and onion to be added to the tomato, green chilli, and ginger paste for a special flavor. The Prakash Kashmiri Alundum Masala are made from natural spices and hence the food prepared will have all the natural goodness and flavors.