Prakash Kali Mircha

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Prakash Kali Mircha not only enhances the taste and amplifies the favors in your cooking  but also offers a range of health benefits. Each pack of Prakash Kali Mircha contains  nutrients that are essentials for  your tissue to function. Kali Mirchi are known to contain adequate amount of phytonutrients that  help to fight disease. Kali Mircha has fiber, vitamin K, manganese and copper and piperin. Prakash Kali Mircha helps to improves digestive health and further more prevents cancer and lowers blood pressure. Available in 100gm packet.

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Prakash Kali Mircha or black pepper is the  mostly commonly used form of dry spice that is used in Indian and world cuisine. Owing to its black color and spicy taste is given the name of black pepper. The spice is small and round in appearance and has thick stripes over it. Just like chili the black pepper of kali mircha is  used to make the recipe more spicy. Prakash Kali Mircha or black pepper is one of the most exported spice of India. In Bengal the kali mircha is used both in the culinary preparation and ayurvedic medicine. Kali Mircha is a very common home ready for cough and cold. The Prakash Kali Mircha has no added preservatives and color, it is handpicked and aced following all safety protocols and guidance.