Prakash Kali Mircha Powder

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Prakash Kali Mircha Powder is a Premium quality Black Pepper scientifically graded, hygienically ground and well packed. No artificial color and flavor used. Pure and best Prakash Black Pepper Powder makes dishes spicy and offers health advantages too. Widely used in cooking worldwide, adds a rich piperin flavor to vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, nankeens, etc. Available in 250gm packet.

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The Prakash Kali Mircha Powder is a 100% natural product. The spice do not contain any preservatives and artificial tasting agent or color. Kali mirch serves as a good source of dietary fiber. Fiber makes what you eat more filling by absorbing water in your digestive tract to physically fill your stomach. It is one of the most popular spices all over the world. It gives a pungent kick to foods which are loved and favored  by many.  Kali mirch boosts 1.8 milligrams of manganese and 184 micrograms of copper. This provides  20 percent of daily recommended copper intake established by the institute of medicine.