Prakash Kala Jeera

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Prakash Kala Jeera  is known for its authentic favors and rich texture and taste. Kala Jeera is frequently used for treating digestive tract conditions including gas. Kala Jeera is one the most commonly used spices in the Bengal cuisine. Moreover, it is easy to use and known for its rich taste and flavor. Prakash Kala Jeera is 100% natural product. An authentic packet of kala jeera or black cumin will be pungent in taste and have a rich  aroma. Available in 250gm packet.

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In India Kala jeera or kalonji is one of the most commonly found spice mix that is found in the every kitchen in India. The spice is adequately used in  both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The nigella seeds or kala jeera is also used as salad dressings and in the making of breads and biscuits. Kalo jeera and nigella seeds have been around for centuries and they are used for both in making dishes and ayurvedic medicines. Prakash Kala Jeera  is packed following the guidelines that have been issued by FSSAI. If the seeds stored in air tight conditions and dry place then will have a longer shelf life. Normally, kala jeera is used for tampering the oil and ghee. The paced of Prakash Kala Jeera  is full of natural ingredients.