Prakash Kachari Powder

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Prakash Kachari Powder is made from hygienically grinding handpicked premium quality pepper which retains their natural, healthy and healing properties and impart the perfect flavor, color and aroma to your dishes. Prakash Kachari Powder is also used as a meat tenderizer, and gives a tangy taste to kebabs and other traditional dishes such as khud khargosh and is popularly used in the Rajasthan cuisine. Available in 250gm packet.

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Kachari powder, when used in cooking, adds a tangy taste. Kachari powder is used extensively in Rajasthani cuisines. Since fresh Kachari is rarely available outside Rajasthan, the use of kachri powder is popular. In the making of Prakash Kachari Powder no added colors or preservatives are used. The Prakash Kachari Powder is a FSSAI certified product and is manufactured following the traditional and modern technology. The product if stored under air tight conditions will retain its value and health quotient.