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A good quality of jeera seed will be warm and have a bitter flavor. It will further be full of a distinct aroma. Jeera is one of the many  aromatic spice that is popularly used in both local and international dishes. In India, the jeera seeds are used both in powdered form and as whole seeds. Jeera seeds is one of the most important component of “garam masala”. The jeera seeds also helps in regulating the digestion. It is also rich in iron, boosts immunity, treats asthma and bronchitis, treats insomnia and prevents diabetes. The Prakash jeera seed is 100% natural product. Available in 250gm packet.

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Cumin or jeera  is obtained in from a flowering plant in the family Apiaceous which is native to a territory including the Middle East and stretching east to India. Jeera seeds before usage are sundried and are popularly used in  the cuisines of many cultures in both whole and ground form. The jeera seeds are rich in  high amounts of fat  protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B, vitamin E and several dietary minerals such as- iron, magnesium, and manganese, and Petroselinum acid. The jeera seeds further helps in weight loss, lowering of cholesterol, anti-inflammation, blood sugar control, help in treating of diarrhea, it also has anticancer properties, they also helps in fighting parasites and bacterial infection. Cumin or jeera seeds give a distinct nutty, earthy and hot flavor and powerful pep to the dishes. The product manufactured by Prakash is certified by FSSAI.