Prakash Hing

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Prakash Premium Hing or heeng is made up of 51% flour, 32% gum, 3% edible oil and 14% asafetida. The ingredients are of natural produce type and packed in quality boxes for best results and longer shelf life. It is sold in 10 gram and 20 gram boxes as compounded asafetida. Available in 50gm packet.

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Roast a small amount of heeng in hot oil for 5-10 seconds before adding the remaining ingredients. You can act quickly because heeng will easily fire. Though powdered hing is normally applied at the end of the cooking process to keep the scent, pure hing can be added at any time during the cooking process because it is more pungent. Heeng may also be steeped in hot water and the liquid used to produce sambar or a soup base. Simply place a dash of hing in a cup, pour boiling water over it, and steep for 2-3 minutes. Using the flavored water in your dish after straining it. Prakash Hing do not contain any preservatives or added chemicals.