Prakash Cardamom powder 

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Prakash Cardamom powder is made from 100% natural and organic cardamom seeds, that are devoid of any chemicals, additives or artificial color and taste. The cardamom are all handpicked and are then blended  into a fine powder following all the health guidelines issued by FSSAI. The cardamom powder will not only enhance the taste but also provide the consumer with a host of nutritive values. Available in 50gm packet.

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Cardamom powder  or Elaichi  is one of the most common spices seen in every Indian household. Cardamom powder is an extremely versatile spice and is very popularly used to flavor both sweet and savory dishes . It acts as a taste enhancer in both coffee and tea. The cardamom powder mixes well with masala tea, masala milk, sweet dishes and ice creams. The first references to cardamom are found in Sumer, and in the Ayurvedic literatures of India. Cardamom has very strong favors and distinct taste. The overpowering taste of cardamom goes very well with all of traditional Indian dishes. Cardamom is also used as a  flavoring agent in many of the food items in the region of Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.