Prakash Brahmi Powder

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Attach a cup of coconut water to a cup of water. Prakash Brahmi powder and amla powder can be added to this. Mix thoroughly until a thick paste emerges. Allow your hair to dry after applying this paste. When it has dried, wash it with water. If you’re going to wash this paste down, don’t use any shampoo. Available in 100gm packet.

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Prakash Brahmi is a medicinal plant that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since 5000 BC as a nerve tonic to enhance mental health, memory, and intelligence, as well as to encourage youthful fertility and longevity. Bhringraj is a herb of many Ayurvedic uses. The HACCP specifications of ISO 22000:2005 are followed in the production of brahmi powder, and the natural ingredients are packed in 100 gram packets. Brahmi is a common medicine that is said to thicken and nourish hair. Dried Brahmi leaves are ground into a fine powder to make Brahmi powder. This powder can be used to make nourishing hair packs and for many medicinal purposes. This powder is usually used in combination with tulsi, neem powder and amla to create hair packs that not only make hair thick but also relieve itchy scalps.