Prakash Biryani Pulav Masala

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The Prakash Biryani Pulav Masala comprises of black pepper, cumin, cardamom, coriander, mace, clove, turmeric, nutmeg, badiyan, dry mango powder, rose petals, cassia, and malic acid. The masala powder is made with natural ingredients and follows ISO 22000:2005 HACCP guidelines. The blend mixture is powdered and packaged in 50 and 100 gram packets to produce the gravy. Available in 100gm packet.

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In a cooker, boil the necessary amount of Basmati Rice. Cook vegetables such as slit onions, green chilli, ginger, cauliflower, carrot, and potato in a pan or skillet with a few tablespoons of oil. Add in the required amount of Prakash Spices Biryani Pulav Masala  and season to taste it with salt. For 5 minutes, roast the contents of the mixture and combine it with boiled rice. In the large mixing bowl with prepared vegetable and mixture, add coriander leaves and a squeeze of lemon juice are sprinkled on top. It can be served with pickles, fried bori and raita made from curd or dahi. The Prakash Biryani Pulav Masala will be adding more taste and authenticity to the Pulav and biryani recipe.