Posto Bori

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Posto Bori  should be stored in a dry place away from any form of heat and sunlight or moisture. Some of the dishes in Bengali cuisine that are prepared using Posto Bori range from sukto, niramish jhol, maacher jhol etc. to lentil dishes such as matar, masoor, urad and posto dana. Posto bori curry dish will incorporate the use of potatoes, onions, ginger garlic paste, salt, nigella seeds and mustard oil if necessary to be added to the masala.  Available in 300 gm Jar.

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Posto Bori in general is made up of poppy seeds and serves as a light food ingredient in the main dish. Posto Bori is a form of sun dried lentil dumpling used in several cuisines and is considered to be an essential ingredient in every Bengali household. Posto Bori is made of 100% natural and free of chemicals and is processed for superior quality. The ingredients are prepared and processed and packed in batches so as to maintain the authenticity of the texture and flavor. There are no preservatives or additives added in order to make sure that it is made flavorful.