Phool Bori (Small size Biuli Dal Bori)

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Phool Bori, smaller size of buili/kalai dal bori, is a traditional Bengali delicacy which is pure vegetarian and it is high in protein content. The  ingredients that are used to make the boris are dal and lentils which are hand collected and then placed well to be sun dried in open sunshine. They are characterized by their small size and pear shaped structure and it gives reminiscence to every Bengali household about their grandmother’s favorite handmade delicacy.  Available in 300 gm Jar.

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Biuli Dal Bori is a handmade through indigenous methods of preparation without any form of preservative. It is fully vegetarian with no preservatives. This bori is produced locally in the region of West Bengal. It is also usually known to be drop shaped or pyramid shaped but can also be molded into several sizes and shapes. When fried, the boris turn crispy and can be used along with meals and curries which enhance the type and variety of the cuisine. It holds a special place in the Bengali kitchen and the shelf life can be prolonged to as much as five months when stored under proper cooling and dry conditions.