Patali Gur (1kg)

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Patali Gur also known as Khejur Gur,  is characterized by its solid shape. It is a winter delicacy and  is  available only from the month of November to February. Gur or jaggery  is primarily extracted during the winter months in the Indian state of West Bengal by the Shiuli community who are deftly skilled peasantry and are well trained in the extraction process. The sweet flavor and the nutty aroma of the Patali gur makes it an important ingredient in a variety of dishes and recipes. The taste, quality and aroma is very similar to Nolen Gur which  is its  liquid counterpart. 

Sealed pack in aluminum foil.


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Patali gur  or Khejur gur  is traced to the region of Jaynagar from West Bengal. But has a big following among Bengali and non Bengali people. Patali gur  is used for repairing several sweetmeats and confectioneries such as Sandesh, Payesh and Rosogolla during the winter season. The sweet is produced by a traditional process to retain its  freshness and authenticity. The Patali or date palm jaggery  is processed and packaged under hygienic conditions and no preservatives or additives are added. It is ensured that no artificial sweetener or  aroma is added to it. The standards of healthy regularity board is maintained. Patali gur  is a pure vegetarian food ingredient. And enhance finds prominence in the making of “prasadam”. With respect to its structure it is  gooey texture and melts under warm conditions. The jaggery used to make Nolen gur is high in minerals and antioxidants, which helps to improve immunity and function as a natural body detoxifier. It’s a tasty snack to have after a meal and  helps with the process of  digestion. The high iron and potassium content helps to reduce anemia-related issues by increasing hemoglobin levels. Magnesium present in the Patali Gur further aids in the development and maintenance of the nervous system, bones, and muscles of the body.