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Nolen gur is a winter delicacy made of liquid date jaggery extracted from date palm tree and is sticky in nature. It is primarily harvested in the Indian state of West Bengal during the winter months and requires deftly skilled peasantry who are well trained in the extraction process. The sweet nature and the nutty aroma makes it an important ingredient towards making several types of of dishes and recipes such as Payesh, Sandesh and Rosogolla. Apart from being used for recipes, Nolen Gur is also used as a side delicacy along with cereals, chapatis or rotis and cake icing.

Imported quality (BANGLADESH) packed in Milton’s food-grade plastic bottle sealed with thermal pack.

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Nolen gur  as a term by itself means “new jaggery” in Bengali and it is also known as Jhola gur. The extraction is a very delicate process which requires earthen containers to be used on top of date palm trees to catch and extract the sap out of the tree. Followingly, the next morning before sun rise, the containers are taken from the tree and the process of extraction begins with the first batch of extract providing the “Nolen Gur”. It is well demonstrated in the 1973 Hindi film “Saudagar” which is based on the Bengali short story Ras by Narendranath Mitra. The jaggery used for making Nolen gur is extremely rich in minerals and antioxidants thereby boosting immunity and acts as a natural body detoxificant. It acts as a good post meal dessert sweet aiding the process of digestion. The high iron content and potassium helps to alleviate problems caused by anemia by increasing the hemoglobin level. The magnesium content helps to to build and maintain the nervous system bones and muscles of the body. The dishes which are easily prepared from Nolen gur are- Jaynagarer Moa, Patishapta, Nolen Gurer Payesh and Tamil Nadu Karupatti Halwa.
In terms of health, this delicacy is completely free from preservatives and chemicals which makes it an important part and parcel of Bengali cuisine.