Musur Dal Bori

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Musur Dal Bori is an integral part of the Bengali cuisine and is commonly found in every Bengali homes. The Musur Dal Bori  used popularly in various veg and non veg foods items. As the name suggest the bori or the dumpling is made from the  “Musur” lenticels. The Musur Dal is first made into a fine paste and then sun-dried in little pearl shapes. The method of sun drying gives the product a longer self life and hence can be preserved for a longer period of time. The Musur dal bori can be incorporated both in main and side dish of  the food platter. Available in 300 gm Jar.

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To retain the taste and favors the Musur Dal Bori like  the older days, are made by hands. Following the traditions the mixture is given a shape of  tear drop shapes and then allowed them to sun dry. The bori or the dumplings is packed following all the guidelines of the FSSAI. A premium quality Musur Dal Bori will easily crumble in the hands. If stored in air tight containers it could be stored even for a year. The Musur Dal Bori can be added in all dishes. Thus, the Musur Dal Bori not only acts as a taste enhancer but also makes sure that more nutritional values of Musur dal is added in the dish. It is very common food ingredient in Bengal and is a unique of Bengali specialty. Be it- vegetable or fish or curry or dal the Musur Dal Bori can be easily added in the cuisine. The Musur Dal Bori can be had simply by frying the bori and having it as a crunchy side dish or by putting it into a curry.  The bori or the dumplings is red in color because of the presence of the Musur dal. It is highly rich in protein.