Mukharochak Chaal Bhaja

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Chaal Bhaja. Available in 200gm & 100gm packet.

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Mukhorochok Chanachur is household name in Bengal. An ISO 900:2008 and 22000:2005 certified company, it has been producing a large varieties of mouth watering Bengali snacks that certifies the FSSAI standards and also effectively maintains the authentic taste and flavor. The product contains no added colors or preservatives and has a zero cholesterol percentage. Furthermore, in the making of the Mukhorochok chanachur no chemicals are used and also the  chanachur is made with the finest of products and is then blended with the special Bengali spices. The food product is entirely vegetarian and has the crunchy authentic Bengali twist to it. Refined oil more specifically double refined vegetable oil, gram flour or chana besan, chiwra or parched rice, vegetable oil  and iodized salt are used to make the product healthy. Mukhorochok Chanachur as the name suggests in Bengali is a- spicy, crispy, tangy and sweet flavored snack that is enjoyed greatly with a cup tea and some puffed rice. To cater the different taste buds, Mukhorochok has been manufacturing chanachur in all different flavors namely- “tok- jhal” or the sweet and sour, salty and Mirchi jhal or the chili flavored. This crispy delight is the perfect combination of- sweet, sour, hot and spicy all blended in perfect proportion to give the chanachur its own mystic flavor.


200gm, 100gm