Green Mango Pickle (Aam Tel)

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This is a traditional Bengali mango pickle in oil. This is enjoyed as a side dish with rice, roti or paratha. It enhances the taste of ‘jhaal muri’ a famous street food of kolkata. This pickle stays good for years.

Green Mango Pickle available in 500gm jar.

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“Achaar” or  South Asian pickle  is a native  and traditional food delicacy in the Indian subcontinent. It is prepared through preserving or extending the shelf life of food through several methods. Usually, the pickles are derived from vegetables, fruits and meat with a good mixture of spices, edible oils vinegar and brine. Pickles are often offered in a wide range flavors. They come in all varieties such as- ginger, sweet mango, lime, karela, mixed fruit, tamarind kasundi, Kul and red chilies etc. The term “achaar” in Hindi and other similar regional languages hails from the Persian word “Achaar” which refers to salted food such as meat and fruits preserved in vinegar, salt, syrup or honey. Some of the important ingredients used in preparing pickles are chili pepper, lemons, ginger, lime, mango, and eggplant etc. The flavor of pickles in India varies from one region to other and generally there are two types of classification in pickles. One type of pickle is made out of mustard oil and the other is salted and made without oil such as lime pickles. Pickles are home made during the summer time as there is more exposure to sunlight  and then the spices are added preserved for further consumption.


250 gm, 500 gm