Miniket Rice

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Miniket rice is a golden colored, slender, glossy and husked type rice that is originally grown in the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The term “Miniket” is derived or was adopted from the word known as “minikit” which is the combination of two words mini and kit which means “a small set of supplies for a specific purpose”. The term is well commonly used by the farmers of Bengal and it is one of the most commonly known government support rice crop varieties available for cultivation. The rice in general is characterized by its medium to long size, white color and beautiful aroma and has a hard texture. Available in 5kg packet.

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Miniket Rice is a high quality, enriched aroma rice variant which makes it a much preferred for various delicacies in Bengali cuisine. The rice variant has multiple health benefits, with a prolonged shelf life of 24 months which helps in storage for long durations at an affordable price. The rice is available in two types namely, the unpolished brown rice and polished white rice. The unpolished variety is famous for its selenium content essential for treating thyroid and possessing over 50% magnesium. The polished variety loses much of its nutrients in terms of 80% B1 vitamin, 67% B3 vitamin, 90% B6 vitamin and also low in terms of fiber content and antioxidants. The unpolished brown rice is well recommended for its low glycemic index helpful for the purpose of nutrition and nutrient assimilation. The rice is well dried and packaged with primarily jute bags or plastic bags. The length of grain size ranges from 5 to 5.5 mm with a moisture content of 14% and free from stones, dust, fungus and infestation. This rice variant has a well accredited FSSAI certification and processed with least or no chemicals. They are well in demand due to the grain size, rich aroma and lightweight nature. They are usually grown in the districts of Kolkata, Hooghly, Arambagh, Bardhawan.