Litchi Honey (Greemunity)

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Litchi Honey: Direct from the litchi orchards of Muzzafarpur’s terai lands and Bengal, harvesting ripe honey and hygienically handling allows us to serve litchi honey in Natural form.

Honey from this source has a pleasing aroma and taste reminiscent of the fruit. pollen &. nectar.

Aroma: Contains the strong aroma of litchi fruit, a pleasant aroma.

Color: It is light in colour.

Taste: Ascetical delicious flavour &. taste, sweeter than other types of honey

Weight: 375 gm

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SIBLINGS Exim Pvt. Ltd. started journey with an intention to make the rare, unique and exclusive products of our motherland BENGAL accessible to the Global consumers. They ensure that each one of their products carries the symbol of trust, genuinity and authenticity of our motherland. If you really feel like to explore the real, original and ethnic product of Bengal, give us an opportunity to get associated with you to deliver your expectations.

As leading natural honey producing states of INDIA, they started journey with Organic Honey I Natural Raw Honey I Wild Forest Honey I Infused Honey with an objective to offer the entire gamut and variety of natural honey from Bengal and extend the real health benefits of NATURAL HONEY to consumers across the Globe.

Product Certification: APEDA, FSSAI, Intertek, SGS organic