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Kasundi is known as the Bengali style mustard sauce sutures relished as a part of Bengali cuisine and traces its origins to the Bengal region. It is widely produced and consumed in India and Bangladesh and classified as a sauce or dip for various dishes. The sauce is made up of fermented mustard seeds, fruits, vegetables, and spices. The fermented mustard seeds carry a pungent and tartness to it and make it usable for several food items such as  cutlets, omelets, sandwiches. Burgers and salads. Apart from the Indian subcontinent, Kasundi is now well industrially produced in many countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Available in 300gm jar.

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Kasundi is typical Bengali seasoning that is distinct for its sharp mustard flavor and a spicy taste. However, the kasundi transcends the cultural boundaries of Bengal and finds prominent place in world cuisine. Kasundi or mustard sauce finds a distinct place in New Zealand and Australian food platter. In those regions, it has led to the preparation of recipes such as- Kasundi scotch eggs, Spicy Barramundi and Chilean Sea Bass. Kasundi was initially treated as a type of pickle or achaar and had gained prominence as the “Queen of pickles” in Bengal. If preserved properly and under proper storage conditions, kasundi can remain edible up to a period of 20 years. The pickle or dressing or sauce is prepared usually in the month January and February  as this is the time for mustard harvesting. Kasundi is traditionally prepared before the arrival of monsoon and traditionally holds special cultural and religious observing. With Kasundi as base side and with a wide combination of spices, fruits and vegetables, several dishes such as Jhal kasundi, Phool kasundi, Tomato kasundi, Gota kasundi, Aam kasundi and Eggplant kasundi etc.  can be prepared. Kasundi goes well with fruits and fries. Kasundi and bhaja is a all time Bengali’s favorite.