Kalo Jeera

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Kalo Jeera is also known in several names such as kalonji, black cumin, fennel flower, nigella seeds. It is organically grown and has both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. It has been used for many centuries in cuisine and used for spicing up several dishes. It is classified as a herb seed type and deemed to fit for daily consumption as well as planting uses. It is edible and non flowering plant type seed which is generally sowed for cultivation. It is completely vegetarian without any additives, flavoring or fillers. It is known for its aroma during tempering and contributory to preparation of dal and several dishes. Available in 100gm packet.

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Kalo Jeera is also used as an important ingredient for weight loss regiment. Kalo jeera is added to luke warm water and honey and made fit for consumption. The use of cumin is prominent in Indian subcontinent and extends as far as in Iranian cuisine. In terms of benefits for the human body, it helps to remove bacteria and help in regeneration of cells and tissue. It has antifungal properties and stimulates healthy skin and hair growth. The fennel flower seeds or Kalo jeera has several uses in addition to weight loss such as joint pain, acne, diabetes, memory loss, asthma, kidney issues, blood pressure, tooth ache etc. It is an important ingredient to make panch phooran in Bengali cuisine, sprinkled on naan bread and used for bread products in Western cuisine. It is usually blended in garlic and onion seeds as an essential part in curry making. It must be stored in a cool and dry place for long term consumption. The seeds look similar to black sesame seeds and are often prone to confusion with those. For powdering, the seeds are put in mustard oil and tempered to release the aroma. After tempering, they are powdered to a fine level and packaged.