Jhrui Alu Baja

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Alu Bhaja is a famous and an iconic dish that has its own variety and origin stories in different regions of India. The Bengal variant of the dish  is fondly called Jhuri Alu Bhaja  or crispy grated potato fry. This Jhuri Alu Bhaja is a very famous and immensely popular side dish in the Bengali cuisine and is often enjoyed as a snack. The dish is loved by people across its boundaries for its unique crunch and a salted taste. In Bengal the dish is found with two types of variant. Available in 350gm jar.

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Jhuri Alu Bhaja needs no special mention in Bengal cuisine. No menu in Bengal is complete without the inclusion of it. To get the perfect taste and the perfect crunch the potato juliennes are deep fried and are then adequately mixed with spices and peanuts to give it a dash of flavors. To make the dish healthy and tasteful, it is ensured that premium quality potato and spices are used. The products used are not only locally cultivated, but it is also ensured that the ingredients are organic and meets the standards of FSSAI. Bengali style Alu Bhaja or simply Jhuri Alu Bhaja is loved by people regardless of their age. To suit the taste buds often the spice ratio of the dish is altered and accommodated. The tangy and the salty taste of the potato fritters goes best with hot steamed rice and and yellow dal. But, the addition of peanuts and curry leaves makes it a enjoyable snack with tea. Jhuri Alu Bhaja also serves as a munchie to people who love to eat anything salty and tangy. In parts of India, Jhuri Alu Bhaja is fondly called Bengali Alu Bhaja or simply Crispy Potato Fry.  This is Bengals own variant of the French fries.