Jhal Muri Masala

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Jhal Muri is a very popular native Bengali snack that is classified under street food category. It is made up of puffed rice and assorted spices, chanachur, vegetables and mustard oil. It is popular in both master West Bengal and Bangladesh and has become recently popular in London, United Kingdom and New York city, USA where there is a good number of Bengali diaspora. The vegetable ingredients include cucumber, onion, chili, tomato, lemon and salt. It has a very simple process of preparation of mixing the puffed rice with a bowl with all the other ingredients and spices and it is generally served in a paper bag called “thonga” in Bengal Available in 100 gm packet.

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Jhal Muri is prepared  with utmost care and hygiene standards in terms of procuring vegetables and usage of bowls to mix the ingredients well enough. The vegetables are washed and chopped and small boiled potatoes are added in the form of cubes which are mixed well with the spices, chili powder, salt, and chat masala. Lemon is squeezed onto them and mustard oil is well added and blended. The coriander leaves are chopped and then roasted, skinned peanuts are added onto the bowl. The crispy puffed rice is added to be mixed well so that the dish turns into a well assorted flavor and color. Finally, sev or chanachur is added and served it can also be garnished with mint or other sources prepared as per convenience as per the requirements of the consumer. It is also known as chapati in Hindi and many states in India have adopted this Bengali snack as per their local flavor and needs such as Bhelpuri in Maharashtra, Churmuri in Karnataka, Ugani in Andhra Pradesh. The churmuri variant of this dish  found the state of Karnataka has ingredients such as carrot, jaggery and coriander. These adaptations come in several textures flavors and tastes.