Jeerakathi Rice

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Jeerakathi is an endemic rice variant found in the Indian state of West Bengal. For anybody who was born, brought up or lived in Bengal, it is well guaranteed that the person will have a good knowledge about different rice variants grown in that area and Jeerakathi is one among those. It is grown only in the fertile soils of Bengal and is characterized from medium to big size. The rice is famous for its flavorful taste and premium grade quality. It is one of the rice variants in West Bengal which can be called as a “prized possession”. Owing to that nature, normally the rice is only used to prepare dishes for special occasions in and around Bengal Available in 5kg packet.

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Jeerakathi Rice is a long grain, slender and aromatic rice type , which makes it an ideal rice type for preparing many types of pulao and biryani. An average service size of 50 grams contains a optimum quality of 65 calories with 1 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of proteins. It is packed under highly hygienic conditions to maintain the true freshness of the rice type. It is unpolished and white in color and is a type of boiled extra thin basmati type rice. The rice is clean, processed and graded as per FSSAI standards and packed with a process known as “special picking” so that the grain size maintains uniformity. The uniform in rice grain structure helps in improving the quality of preparation. The rice variant is made of high fiber content, and helps in the digestion process. It helps to lower the impact of blood sugar variations with low glycemic index and thereby aiding in reducing the body’s cholesterol levels. This rice uses less water for soaking, and offers a smooth touch when cooked. It is fully vegetarian in nature and rated as a natural produce. It has to be stored in a dry, cool and hygienic place. The Jeerakathi Rice type is mainly grown in and around Bengal