Jaynagarer Moya

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Jaynagarer Moya is traditionally made from Nolen Gur (i.e. jaggery made from date palm tree) , Kankchur khoi ( a special variant) of Khoi, eliche or cardamom, poppy seed or posto and clarified butter of Gawa ghee. Jaynagrer Moya is a winter delicacy since both Nolen Gur and Kankchur Khoi is available only from the months of November to January. Jaynagarer Moya is special variant of Moya (sweet) that is much smaller in size and is made of muri or puffed rice and jaggery. The popularity of the reginal delicacy has immensely increased after it gained the GI tag in the year 2015.

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Jaynagarer Moya is  famous confectionery of Bengal that is specifically found in the winter season it owes its name to the area of its origin- Jaynagar, which is in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. A special variant of the ordinary Moya or sweet meat ball this is specifically made from- clarified butter of Gawa ghee, poppy seed or posto, eliche or cardamom, Kankchur khoi ( a special variant) of Khoi, and most importantly Nolen Gur (i.e. jaggery made from date palm tree). The sweet delicacy it prepared following the ancient method and the hence there is no use of ay artificial preservatives and colors. The ingredients used in the making are all regionally and organically grown. To retain the authenticity of flavors and FSSAI standards the Moya is prepared by experienced hands.  The mouth watering sweet easily melts in the mouth and has a special place in the heart of every Bengali. The texture, flavor and the perfect sweetness of the Jaynagar Moya makes it strikingly different and distinct from its other counterpart. Hence, the delicacy has already been provided with the GI tag in the year 2015 to protect it form any piracy any unauthorized claims. The availability of Jayanagar Moya in specific season makes it more special and unique as a confectionery.