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Himsagar mango also known as Khirsapati, is a local variant of mango that is  mainly  cultivated in the state of West Bengal. It is grown in the district of Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and Hooghly. Himsagar mango is also grown in Chapai, Nawabganj area in the region of Bangladesh. It is of non fibrous type,  the inside part of the Himsagar mango has a  yellow to orange color and weighs from 250 to 350 grams. Himsagar mango is medium shaped and has a 77% pulp content. The mango type is sold in the market from the months of mid-May to June end. The outside color of the mango is green and has been displayed as one of the important mango types in the International mango festival of Florida in the United States.

Price per Kg of Mango. Each Mango would weight between 200 gm to 300 gm. 

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Himsagar mango is known for its  unique taste, pleasant aroma and unparalleled sweetness and is believed to be the favorite fruit of the Indian royalty. Himsagar mango is fondly referred to as the “King of mangoes”, the Mughal emperor Humayun is said to have relished it well enough for it to be known as “Humayun Pasand”. Himsagar mango variant is a dry type species and can only be grown in Indian subcontinent’s tropical climate. This mango has a very considerable shelf life making it very viable for exports and consumption all over the world and is known to be one of the most expensively sold mangoes in western India. Himsagar mango is also a leading fruit crop in the country. The mango tree is traced to have existed for more than 4000 years and has been exported to regions like South America by Portuguese traders. The tree can grow up to a height of 80 feet; it is rated as one of the easily grown mango types in India that requires a temperature of 20 to 35 degree Celsius for ideal growth. It is well grown in aerated, well drained alluvial soil that is rich in organic matter and Vitamin A and C. This mango is used for both its mature ripe and immature stages. Before ripening, this mango can be used to make pickles, juices and chutneys whereas the ripe fruits can be used for making jams, syrups, jellies and squashes. A god quality Himsagar mango is not only known for its taste but also for its nutritional value.