Gurer Naru (12 no)

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Gurer Naru is Bengali dish which is ball shaped and made from a combination of condensed milk or khoya, coconut, Nolen Gur and cardamom. It can also be mixed with dry fruits and made well into ball shaped delicacies. Nolen Gur which is extracted from date palm jaggery is an essential ingredient in preparing this delicacy. It is traditionally prepared and consumed during Durga Puja in Bengal and Laxmi Puja in India. Gurer Naru is  one of the staple desserts easily made in Bengali households and simply translated as “ladoo” balls in other parts of the country. It is specially made in the season of winter. Available as 12no in a jar.

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Gurer Naru are a winter delicacy that is made of gur i.e. jaggery and coconut crumbs. Gurer Naru are known for their distinct taste , they are in texture are- sweet, sticky, brown and made from gur and well seasoned with cardamom which gives it an exotic taste and flavor. An essential part of every Bengali household, the sweet delicacy brings in back the back nostalgic memories of the adults and takes them back to their days of childhood. Gurer Naru holds one of the significant places in the assortment of sweets and savories in India. It is well commemorated as a childhood delicacy and known as “the grandmother’s signature dessert”. This dish is produced with utmost care with the authentic traditional method of preparation in accordance with Bengali culture. The condensed milk or khoya used for preparation is well checked and verified to pass the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India regulations and is carefully packed in tight air sealed containers for freshness and long shelf life. For consumers safety no preservatives or colors or any artificial sweeteners is used. The authentic Gurer Naru melts easily in the mouth. It serves  an adequate balance of coconut and jaggery with a dash of cardamom.