Gur Sandesh

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Gur Sandesh holds an important place as one of the traditional sweets in the Bengali cuisine, the savory  is prepared with two ingredients- namely Chana (Cottage cheese or paneer) and Gur or jaggery. The Chana or the cottage cheese or paneer  is prepared from the fermented  whole milk (generally lime is used for the process). The gur could be of any variant but and ideal Gur Sandesh is made of Nolen gur, a seasonal ingredient is derived from the sap of the date palm tree jaggery. Gur Sandesh is a type of soft, fudgy delicacy which  melts in the mouth.  Available as 12no in a box.

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Gur Sandesh  carries an extraordinary flavor and has a taste which is irreversible. After every bite, a soothing taste makes the person feel an explosion of a perfect balance of sweetness. Gur Sandesh  is one of the most easily made recipes and has a simple set of ingredients. The sweet has been dashed with flavors like- kesar, eliche, pista, chocolate and mango to make the sweet stand out. However, the authentic recipe consists ideally of cottage cheese and palm jaggery only. The curdled milk is separated from the lime or by usage of a muslin cloth. The cottage cheese is made in a very fine form of velvety paste and mixed with gur but more commonly  nolen gur in low flame till a fine paste has been prepared. The Sandesh is then coated with ghee on both sides to prevent it from sticking. The gur sandesh is a typical winter delicacy made up of premium quality  jaggery that is  molded into several shapes, rolled into roundels or flattened with a proper glass bottom. Gur Sandesh  has a reputation for being rated as one of the most  mood brightening and day sweetening sweets used for the occasion of Bijoya Dashami and Durga Pujo.