Dudheshwar Rice

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Dudheshwar Rice is also known as Aman crop and it is cultivated in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. This rice is consumed daily throughout the year and  is one of the most beloved rice variants consumed by the urban class population in India and mainly West Bengal. The rice crop is sown during the monsoon months and later harvested during the winter season. It is cultivated using nature friendly farming methods. The rice is naturally produced without any form of inorganic fertilizers or pesticides. Dudheshwar Rice is  known for its distinct favor. The rice is having white color, soft texture, low cooking time and elegance. Available in 5kg packet.

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Dudheshwar Rice is attributed by its slim shape and small size and considered to be of a whole grain nature. This rice has a nutritional value and it is also FSSAI approved. Dudheshwar rice is usually packed in a cloth or jute bag. The packaging with longer shelf life ensures a high storage capacity time for the rice variant helping in year long consumption. It is well packed enough with high nutritional content aiding in health parameters. This nature makes it useful for weight loss and optimal consumption for energy. This rice is processed by double boiling method before being packaged. The rice is known for its fibrous content which helps in the process of digestion and has lesser glycemic index helping to reduce the cholesterol level. The rice usually needs twice the amount of water for cooking and should be left to stand before draining. It is usually served with dal or curry. The Dudheshwar rice variant is semi-polished which helps with the large retention of nutrients and is used for making several vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. As a short grain rice, it becomes very soft, tender and sticks together when cooked.