Dhoka Masala

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The Dhoka Masala is an exquisite blend of rich and best quality spices. It adds an amazing taste, color and flavor to dish. The Dhoka Masala is made with an advanced technology which retains the flavor and aroma of spice. The product is 100% vegetarian and if stored under air tight  conditions will retain a longer shelf-life. Available in 100gm jar.

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Dhoka is traditional Bengal cuisine that is known for its diamond-shaped fried lentil cakes and potatoes that are further simmered in and served in gravy. A delicately delicious sauce is flavored with just cumin, ginger and green chilies, with whole garam masala just an option. A pure vegetarian dish, this product of ours, is a ready made spice mix that is a culmination of handpicked local spices that is roasted and grinded to infuse favors. In the fast pacing world, the Dhoka Masala serves as a handy option to food lovers. The product is packed following all the guidelines of FSSAI and no colors or preservatives are added to it.