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Chusi Pitha is a Bengali delicacy, made from rice flour, jaggery and milk. The Chusi Pitha is a very popular and common Bengali savory which is prepared in special occasions such as- Nabanna (the Bengali harvesting festival). The product is packed taking care of all health authority standards and FASSI guidelines. The inclusion of jaggery and rice flour adds nutrition values to the sweet delicacy. This one of the most traditional and authentic Bengali sweet dish that is popular for its distinct flavors and taste. The Chusi Pitha is soft and tender in nature. Available in 250 gm Jar.

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Chusi Pitha is a rice-shaped pitha that is boiled in milk and jaggery. Chusi is a rice flour dough that is shaped into dough filaments, hence the name is derived as such. One of West Bengal’s most famous dishes comes straight to you to make your meals truly memorable. The Chusi Pitha is a common Bengali dish served on special occasions such as Nabanna, the Bengali Harvest Festival. As a quality staple food and pulses category, it is a “hit in house” brand. Authentic Bengali ingredients and items of excellent quality, hygienically sorted and packaged for you to enjoy and discover a variety of typical Bengali ingredients and preparations. The preparation for Chusi pitha is done. Bring the water to a boil and add the salt. Stir in both flours thoroughly. Turn off the oven and knead a soft dough. Divide the dough into small portions. Make thin thread-like stuff called Chusi out of each section. Bring the milk to a boil with the sugar, then add the jaggery and the Chusi. Cook until it is made soft. Chusi Pitha uploads the Bengali cuisine favors and taste in the world food platter. It is a blend of Bengali tradition and favors.