Bengal Famous Bapuji Cake (12 nos)

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Cupcake is a small, one person type consumable cake which is baked in the form of small cups with or without  frosting and decorations. They are moist, fluffy and certified mood boosters for both children and adults. It is known as “fairy cake” in the United Kingdom and “party cake” in Australia. The earliest records of cakes dates back to 1796 in the book called “American Cookery” by Amelia Simmons. A typical cupcake uses the same ingredients such as a standard cake with eggs, sugar, butter and flour. The cake batter can be enriched with nuts, fruits, chocolate chips and raisins and the cupcakes owing to the small size can be baked much faster in the heat conduction process. available 12 nos in a packet.

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Cake, more specifically a cupcake or a tiffin cake is quick snack and a huger buster. Traditionally, cupcakes or tiffin are made in pottery cups, coffee mugs, tea cups and oven proof pottery dishes. In recent times, the muffin tins made from metals, silicone rubber, stoneware which may be non-stick in nature and has around six to twelve depressions known as “cups”. The standard cup size has a 3 inch diameter and can hold up to 4 ounces of cake batter. Cake liners are round sheets of paper used for baking and can be pressed into fluted cup shapes. These liners help to remove cake after baking, maintain the moistness and reduce the cleaning effort. The cakes are great a company for long travels, a good and healthy alternative to college and school lunch box recipes and quick filler and wholesome food product. As per the taste buds, it comes in great variety as has multiple options for both the vegetarian kin and the non-veg lovers. The frosting or cream or the cake dough comes  in several flavors such as- vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, and orange etc. It is ensured that the products meets the FSSAI standards and at the same time maintains its taste and quality.



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