Bonphool Honey

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Bonphool Honey is very special variant of honey that is extracted from the Sundarbans’s mangrove forest. This has been traditionally done by the local community that resides there. The Bonphool Honey is known for its delightful aroma and a very distinct favor. A premium quality of Bonphool Honey will have the aroma and favor of mangrove flowers. To ensure, the quality and the health  regulations it is made sure that in the product no colors or chemical preservatives have been used. The Bonphool honey is 100% natural and pure form of honey, which not only excites the taste buds but also ensures addition of health quotient. Available in 500gm jar.

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Bonphool honey is traditionally collected by the “Mauli” community of Sundarbans. The honey is extracted from the flowers of the mangrove forest. Owing to the hostile living conditions of the forest, the Government of West Bengal has initiated the project of placing sustainable apiaries, a co-operative initiative to protect both live and livelihood. The product is approved by FSSAI and has no added preservatives and sugar. The Bonphool Honey helps in boosting immunity. Being a supersaturated solution of naturally occurring sugars. The soluble solids acts as a natural preservative and hence has a lower water activity. The Bonphool Honey thus enjoys a longer shelf life. It further helps in regulating the metabolism and controlling the appetite. The Bonphool Honey can be used for both external and internal (i.e. consumption) purposes. In Ayurveda it is used for the treatment of cough, eye diseases, hiccups, asthma, worm infection, treating of wounds, leprosy, obesity and others. At a Bengali household, the Bonphool honey is not only used as an alternative to sugar but is also used in religious practices and Vedic rituals. Honey with tulsi leave is every Bengal’s solution to cough and cold. The Bonphool honey stands out for its unique taste, aromatic flavors and medicinal values.