Black Mustard

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Black Mustard, also known as Brassica nigra is an annually grown plant seed characterized by its dark brown or commonly black color which gets to be used as a spice. It is one of the oldest spices ever known to be used widely for a long period of time in human history. It is grown globally in parts of Asia, European temperate zones, and North African tropical regions. The plan is typically upright, with stalked leaves, hair bristles and smoother stems. It grows to a maximum of 1.2 meters and blooms during the summer season. For over 2000 years, the plant has grown as a condiment as early as Roman times.

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Black mustard seeds are like 1mm in size, hard in composition, flavorful, and the spice is made from ground seeds by removing the seed coats. They have a maximum moisture ranging between 7 to 8% with absence of any additives such as salmonella or coliform. It is prepared by the process of sorting and packaged in a multi layer paper bag. In Indian cuisine, the seeds are tempered or fried in oil, which has a sweet, mild yet nutty aroma. Black mustard finds a common place in preparation of lentil soups, curries, roasted vegetables, and dishes from sautéed potatoes. In terms of health, black mustard treats cold, joint pain, rheumatoid muscle pain and arthritis. It helps to improve the detoxification of the body and appetite of an individual. The “mustard plaster” paste made from water and mustard seeds is used for treating pain, swelling, pneumonia, lower back pain and aching foot. However care should be taken when black mustard paste is applied to skin for extended periods of time which can potentially cause minor issues of skin irritation, burning to serious issues such as diarrhea, blisters or skin damage etc. The earliest references of black mustard are found in Indian texts at 500 BC. Apart from cuisine, they are also known for their medicinal purposes.