Biryani Masala

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The biryani masala is a perfect mixture of whole Indian spices, that are roasted and then blended together to create a unique taste and flavor. The masala serves as a readymade mix and can be easily added in both non-veg and veg biryani. The product is packed under specialized supervised and it is ensured that no preservatives are added. The product is packed following FSSAI guidelines. Available for 1 kg rice biriyani.

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The biryani masala packet is perfect blend of the spices that enhances the taste of the very famous Indian food “biryani”.  Made up of 100% organic products, it is ensured that during the making of the spice mix, there is no addition of chemical colors or preservatives. For the preparation of a authentic and traditional biryani masala whole spices namely- Kashmiri red chili (dried), bay leaf or tej patta, coriander seeds or dhania seeds, cumin or jeera, caraway seeds or kala jeera or shah jeera, mace or javitri, turmeric or haldi, cinnamon stick or dalchini, nutmeg or jaayaphal, cloves or lavang, black cardamom or badi eliche, star anise or chakkar phool, cardamom or eliche, pepper or kali mirch, fennel or saunf. The spices are all of premium quality and are naturally handpicked. If stored under air tight container, then the spice mix can be stored for a longer duration of time.